Class FhirAuditDataset

    • Constructor Detail

      • FhirAuditDataset

        public FhirAuditDataset​(boolean serverSide)
    • Method Detail

      • getPatientId

        public String getPatientId()
        the first present patient ID or null when no patient IDs have been collected.
      • getRequestPayload

        public String getRequestPayload()
        Request payload.
      • setRequestPayload

        public void setRequestPayload​(String requestPayload)
        Request payload.
      • setLocalAddress

        public void setLocalAddress​(String localAddress)
        Local address
      • setRemoteAddress

        public void setRemoteAddress​(String remoteAddress)
        Remote address
      • getRemoteAddress

        public String getRemoteAddress()
        Remote address
        Specified by:
        getRemoteAddress in class AuditDataset
        the remote address of the transaction
      • getServiceEndpointUrl

        public String getServiceEndpointUrl()
        Service endpoint URL
      • setServiceEndpointUrl

        public void setServiceEndpointUrl​(String serviceEndpointUrl)
        Service endpoint URL
      • getPatientIds

        public Set<String> getPatientIds()
        Patient IDs
      • setSourceUserId

        public void setSourceUserId​(String sourceUserId)
      • setDestinationUserId

        public void setDestinationUserId​(String destinationUserId)