Class Iti67ResourceProvider

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    public class Iti67ResourceProvider
    extends AbstractPlainProvider
    Resource Provider for MHD (ITI-67).

    Note (CP by Rick Riemer): When searching for XDS documents with specific referenceIdList values, MHD specifies to use the related-id query parameter. This parameter is of type token ( The token type does not allow searching for the Identifier.type attribute, which would be a primary use case.

    IHE should provide a mechanism to search for referenceIdList values by type, in addition to system and value. Suggestion: don’t use token, but use composite, ( and define how to use it for searching against referenceIdList values. A composite parameter could look like: related id=urn:oid:|2013001$urn:ihe:iti:xds:2013:accession.

    Christian Ohr
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        public Iti67ResourceProvider()