Class ZBE

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Segment, Structure, Visitable, Serializable

    public class ZBE
    extends AbstractSegment
    The ZBE segment is intended to be used for information that details ADT movement information. Each ADT event (i.e. admission, discharge, transfer, visit) has a unique identifier to allow for updates at a later point in time. Furthermore, other medical information like diagnoses or documents can refer to this movement using the identifier as reference.

    The segment is defined by the German Patient Management Profile and extended by the "Historic Movement" option of the IHE ITI Supplement Patient Administration Framework (PAM) Integration Profile.

    Christian Ohr
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • ZBE

        public ZBE​(Group parent,
                   ModelClassFactory factory)
        parent - parent group
        factory - model class factory
    • Method Detail

      • getMovementID

        public EI getMovementID​(int rep)
        Returns movement ID (ZBE-1).
        rep - index of repeating field
        movement ID
      • getMovementID

        public EI[] getMovementID()
        Returns movement IDs (ZBE-1).
        movement IDs
      • getStartMovementDateTime

        public TS getStartMovementDateTime()
        Returns movement start date (ZBE-2).
        movement start date (required)
      • getStartMovementEndTime

        public TS getStartMovementEndTime()
        Returns movement end date (ZBE-3).
        movement end date (optional)
      • getMovementAction

        public ST getMovementAction()
        Returns movement action (ZBE-4).
        movement action (required, one of INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, REFERENCE)
      • getHistoricalMovementIndicator

        public ID getHistoricalMovementIndicator()
        Returns historical movement indicator (ZBE-5).
        historical movement indicator (required, one of Y, N)
      • getOriginalTriggerEventCode

        public ID getOriginalTriggerEventCode()
        Returns original trigger event code (ZBE-6). In the case of an UPDATE of the movement (trigger A08), this field conveys the original trigger event that was sent with the INSERT
        original trigger event code
      • getResponsibleWard

        public XON getResponsibleWard()
        Returns responsible ward (ZBE-7). This is Medical or Nursing Ward, depending of the trigger event of the message. If ZBE-8 exists, then ZBE-7 shall be interpreted as the Responsible Medical Ward.
        responsible ward
      • getResponsibleNursingWard

        public XON getResponsibleNursingWard()
        Returns responsible nursing ward (ZBE-8). If ZBE-8 exists, then ZBE-7 shall be interpreted as the Responsible Medical Ward.
        responsible nursing ward
      • getMovementScope

        public CWE getMovementScope()
        Returns movement scope (ZBE-9).
        movement scope