Class InNamespaceMergeInterceptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Interceptor<Message>, PhaseInterceptor<Message>

public class InNamespaceMergeInterceptor extends AbstractPhaseInterceptor<Message>
CXF interceptor which inserts XML namespace declarations from incoming SOAP Envelope and SOAP Body elements into the String payload.
Dmytro Rud
  • Constructor Details

    • InNamespaceMergeInterceptor

      public InNamespaceMergeInterceptor()
  • Method Details

    • handleMessage

      public void handleMessage(Message message) throws Fault
    • enrichNamespaces

      protected static String enrichNamespaces(Document source, String target)
      Copies namespace definitions from SOAP Envelope and SOAP Body elements of the given XML Document into the top-level element of the XML document represented by the given String.

      Caller is supposed to take care of the parameters' correctness, so there is no sophisticated error handling.

      source - source SOAP document as a DOM object.
      target - target XML Document as String.
      target XML document enriched with namespace declarations from the source XML document.
    • addNamespacesFromElement

      protected static void addNamespacesFromElement(Element elem, Map<String,String> map)
      Adds NS defined in the given XML element to the map.

      Existing map items will be overwritten, so this method should be called in the tree-descending order.