Class XdsJaxbDataBinding

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataBinding, WrapperCapableDatabinding, InterceptorProvider

    public class XdsJaxbDataBinding
    extends JAXBDataBinding
    Data binding specific for the XDS data model --- gathers some additional information pieces for elements of request messages while they are being unmarshalled from XML to ebXML POJOs. These information pieces are intended to be propagated into Camel route as message headers.
    Dmytro Rud
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        public static final String SUBMISSION_SET_HAS_EXTRA_METADATA
    • Constructor Detail

      • XdsJaxbDataBinding

        public XdsJaxbDataBinding()
    • Method Detail

      • getCamelHeaders

        public static Map<String,​Object> getCamelHeaders​(Object ebXml)
        Returns a map of additional Camel headers for the given ebXML object.

        NB: not declared synchronized, because no ebXML object is supposed to be marshaled/unmarshaled from multiple threads.

        ebXml - key object.
        additional Camel headers as a map.
      • isExtraMetadataSlotName

        public static boolean isExtraMetadataSlotName​(String name)