Class XsdValidator

    • Constructor Detail

      • XsdValidator

        public XsdValidator()
      • XsdValidator

        public XsdValidator​(ClassLoader classloader)
    • Method Detail

      • validate

        public void validate​(Source message,
                             String schema)
        Specified by:
        validate in interface Validator<Source,​String>
        message - message to be validated
        schema - profile to be validated against
      • doValidate

        protected List<ValidationException> doValidate​(Source message,
                                                       String schemaResource)
        message - the message to be validated
        schemaResource - the XML schema to validate against
        an array of validation exceptions
      • createResource

        protected Schema createResource​(Object... params)
        Description copied from class: AbstractCachingXmlProcessor
        Creates a ready-to-use resource (e.g. an XML Schema instance) for the given key. Insertion into the cache will happen externally, this method's purpose is only to instantiate the resource to be cached.

        This method does not need to be re-entrant, but its result MUST be thread-safe.

        Specified by:
        createResource in class AbstractCachingXmlProcessor<Schema>
        params - validator/transmogrifier parameters.
        resource of the configured type.
      • getSchemaLanguage

        public String getSchemaLanguage()
      • setSchemaLanguage

        public void setSchemaLanguage​(String schemaLanguage)