Class Expressions

  • public class Expressions
    extends Object
    Utility related to Camel Expressions.
    Martin Krasser
    • Constructor Detail

      • Expressions

        public Expressions()
    • Method Detail

      • headersExpression

        public static org.apache.camel.Expression headersExpression()
        Returns an Expression for the headers map of an Exchange's in-message.
        an expression object which will return the headers map.
      • builderExpression

        public static org.apache.camel.Expression builderExpression()
      • headersAndBuilderExpression

        public static org.apache.camel.Expression headersAndBuilderExpression()
      • exceptionObjectExpression

        public static org.apache.camel.Expression exceptionObjectExpression()
      • exceptionMessageExpression

        public static org.apache.camel.Expression exceptionMessageExpression()
      • validatorExpression

        public static <S,​P> org.apache.camel.Expression validatorExpression​(Validator<S,​P> validator,
                                                                                  P profile,
                                                                                  Class<? extends S> clazz)