Class PixPdqV3CamelTranslators

  • public abstract class PixPdqV3CamelTranslators
    extends Object
    Camel processors for translation of HL7 messages between versions 2 and 3.
    Dmytro Rud
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        public static final String HL7V3_ORIGINAL_REQUEST_PROPERTY
        Name of the Camel exchange property in which original request messages will be saved before translation.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • PixPdqV3CamelTranslators

        public PixPdqV3CamelTranslators()
    • Method Detail

      • translatorHL7v3toHL7v2

        public static org.apache.camel.Processor translatorHL7v3toHL7v2​(Hl7TranslatorV3toV2 translator)
        Returns a processor for translating HL7v3 messages to Hl7v2 using the given translator instance.
      • translatorHL7v2toHL7v3

        public static org.apache.camel.Processor translatorHL7v2toHL7v3​(Hl7TranslatorV2toV3 translator)
        Returns a processor for translating HL7v2 messages to HL7v3 using the given translator instance.