Class AbstractAsyncResponseWebService

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractAsyncResponseWebService

        public AbstractAsyncResponseWebService()
    • Method Detail

      • canDropCorrelation

        protected boolean canDropCorrelation​(Object response)
        Determines whether correlation items related to the given message can be dropped.

        Per default, always returns true.

        response - response message.
        true when correlation items related to the given message can be dropped.
      • process

        protected org.apache.camel.Exchange process​(Object body,
                                                    Map<String,​Object> headers,
                                                    org.apache.camel.ExchangePattern exchangePattern)
        Before calling the base method, determines correlation key and stores it into message headers.
        process in class AbstractWebService
        body - contents of the in-message body to be processed.
        headers - additional in-message headers (can be null).
        exchangePattern - pattern of the exchange put into the route.
        the resulting exchange.
      • getAlternativeResponseKeys

        protected String[] getAlternativeResponseKeys​(Object response)
        Determines the set of correlation keys for the given response message, which are alternative to the WS-Addressing message ID referenced in the <ReplyTo> header. An example of alternative key is the query ID in HL7v3-based transactions.

        Per default, this method returns null.

        response - response message.
        A non-empty collection of non-null alternative keys, or null, when no keys could have been extracted.