Class PayloadLoggerBase<T extends PayloadLoggingContext>

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    MllpPayloadLoggerBase, WsPayloadLoggerBase

    public abstract class PayloadLoggerBase<T extends PayloadLoggingContext>
    extends Object
    Base class for interceptors which store incoming and outgoing payload into files with user-defined name patterns, or to the regular Java log.

    File name patterns can contain absolute and relative paths and must correspond to the SpEL syntax, using square brackets for referencing placeholder parameters. In the base version, the following parameters are supported (this set can be extended in derived classes):

    • sequenceId — internally generated sequential ID as a 12-digit positive long int, zero-padded.
    • processId — process ID consisting from the OS process number and the host name, e.g. "12345-myhostname".
    • date('format_spec') — current date and time, formatted using SimpleDateFormat according to the given specification.
    • interactionId — ID of the interaction where the message participates.

    Example of a file name pattern:
    After a pre-configured count of failed trials to create a file, the logger will be switched off.

    As an alternative to SpEL, the user can provide another expression resolver.

    Furthermore, the behavior of this class is regulated application-widely by the following Boolean system properties:

    • org.openehealth.ipf.commons.ihe.core.payload.PayloadLoggerBase.CONSOLE — when set to true, then the message payload will be logged using regular Java logging mechanisms (level DEBUG) instead of being written into files whose names are created from the pattern.
    • org.openehealth.ipf.commons.ihe.core.payload.PayloadLoggerBase.DISABLED — when set to true, then no logging will be performed at all.
    Dmytro Rud
    • Field Detail


        public static final String SEQUENCE_ID_PROPERTY_NAME

        public static final String PROPERTY_CONSOLE

        public static final String PROPERTY_DISABLED
    • Constructor Detail

      • PayloadLoggerBase

        public PayloadLoggerBase()
    • Method Detail

      • getNextSequenceId

        protected static Long getNextSequenceId()
      • doLogPayload

        protected void doLogPayload​(T context,
                                    String charsetName,
                                    String... payloadPieces)
      • canProcess

        public boolean canProcess()
      • resetErrorCount

        public void resetErrorCount()
        Resets count of occurred errors, can be used e.g. via JMX.
      • isEnabled

        public boolean isEnabled()
        true if this logging interceptor instance is enabled.
      • setEnabled

        public void setEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        enabled - true when this logging interceptor instance should be enabled.
      • getErrorCountLimit

        public int getErrorCountLimit()
        maximal allowed count of file creation errors, negative value (the default) means "no limit".
      • setErrorCountLimit

        public void setErrorCountLimit​(int errorCountLimit)
        Configures maximal allowed count of file creation errors.
        errorCountLimit - maximal allowed count of file creation errors, negative value (the default) means "no limit".
      • setExpressionResolver

        public void setExpressionResolver​(ExpressionResolver resolver)