Class GenericFhirAuditMessageBuilder

All Implemented Interfaces:
AuditMessageBuilder<GenericFhirAuditMessageBuilder>, Validateable

public class GenericFhirAuditMessageBuilder extends IHEAuditMessageBuilder<GenericFhirAuditMessageBuilder,CustomAuditMessageBuilder>
Builder for audit events related to generic FHIR transactions, using the resource type and operation type for the participants. The audit messages follow the pattern shared with audit messages of IHE transactions. Some exceptions:
  • the Event ID is always EV("rest", "", "RESTful Operation") (as described in
  • and the Event Action corresponds with the FHIR operation (see
  • the query/resource participant object's ParticipantObjectIdType is the resource type
This also allows an easy conversion into a FHIR AuditEvent.
Christian Ohr