Class Association

    • Constructor Detail

      • Association

        public Association()
        Constructs an association.
      • Association

        public Association​(AssociationType associationType,
                           String entryUuid,
                           String sourceUuid,
                           String targetUuid)
        Constructs an association.
        associationType - the type of the association.
        entryUuid - UUID of the association entry.
        sourceUuid - the UUID of the source object.
        targetUuid - the UUID of the target object.
    • Method Detail

      • assignEntryUuid

        public void assignEntryUuid()
      • canEqual

        protected boolean canEqual​(Object other)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • getTargetUuid

        public String getTargetUuid()
      • setTargetUuid

        public void setTargetUuid​(String targetUuid)
      • getSourceUuid

        public String getSourceUuid()
      • setSourceUuid

        public void setSourceUuid​(String sourceUuid)
      • setAssociationType

        public void setAssociationType​(AssociationType associationType)
      • getEntryUuid

        public String getEntryUuid()
      • setEntryUuid

        public void setEntryUuid​(String entryUuid)
      • getDocCode

        public Code getDocCode()
      • setDocCode

        public void setDocCode​(Code docCode)
      • getPreviousVersion

        public String getPreviousVersion()
      • setPreviousVersion

        public void setPreviousVersion​(String previousVersion)
      • getOriginalStatus

        public AvailabilityStatus getOriginalStatus()
        original status slot value value of originalStatus in update availabilityStatus
      • setOriginalStatus

        public void setOriginalStatus​(AvailabilityStatus originalStatus)
        originalStatus - value of originalStatus in update availabilityStatus
      • setNewStatus

        public void setNewStatus​(AvailabilityStatus newStatus)
        newStatus - value of newStatus in update availabilityStatus
      • getAssociationPropagation

        public Boolean getAssociationPropagation()
      • setAssociationPropagation

        public void setAssociationPropagation​(Boolean associationPropagation)
      • getAvailabilityStatus

        public AvailabilityStatus getAvailabilityStatus()
        availabilityStatus value in XDS metadata update association value of availabilityStatus in XDS metadata update association
      • setAvailabilityStatus

        public void setAvailabilityStatus​(AvailabilityStatus availabilityStatus)
        availabilityStatus - value of availabilityStatus in XDS metadata update association