Class CXiAssigningAuthority

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public class CXiAssigningAuthority extends AssigningAuthority
Assigning Authority for the CXi data type, allowing both the Namespace ID and the combination of Universal ID and Universal ID Type.

All members of this class are allowed to be null. When transforming to HL7 this indicates that the values are empty. Trailing empty values are removed from the HL7 string.

Jens Riemschneider, Dmytro Rud
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  • Constructor Details

    • CXiAssigningAuthority

      public CXiAssigningAuthority()
    • CXiAssigningAuthority

      public CXiAssigningAuthority(Hl7v2Based.Holder<HD> hdHolder)
    • CXiAssigningAuthority

      public CXiAssigningAuthority(HD hd)
    • CXiAssigningAuthority

      public CXiAssigningAuthority(String namespaceId, String universalId, String universalIdType)
      Constructs an assigning authority.
      namespaceId - the namespace ID (HD.1).
      universalId - the universal ID (HD.2).
      universalIdType - the type of the universal ID (HD.3).
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