Class XDSMetaClass

    • Constructor Detail

      • XDSMetaClass

        public XDSMetaClass()
    • Method Detail

      • assignUniqueId

        public void assignUniqueId()
        If a Document Source do not have a uniqueId to assign, this supportive method can be used to generate one in OID format, based on a random UUID.
      • assignEntryUuid

        public void assignEntryUuid()
        Supportive method for a document source to provide a entryUuid in uuid format.
      • canEqual

        protected boolean canEqual​(Object other)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • setAvailabilityStatus

        public void setAvailabilityStatus​(AvailabilityStatus availabilityStatus)
      • getEntryUuid

        public String getEntryUuid()
      • setEntryUuid

        public void setEntryUuid​(String entryUuid)
      • setPatientId

        public void setPatientId​(Identifiable patientId)
      • getUniqueId

        public String getUniqueId()
      • setUniqueId

        public void setUniqueId​(String uniqueId)
      • getHomeCommunityId

        public String getHomeCommunityId()
      • setHomeCommunityId

        public void setHomeCommunityId​(String homeCommunityId)
      • getLogicalUuid

        public String getLogicalUuid()
      • setLogicalUuid

        public void setLogicalUuid​(String logicalUuid)
      • getVersion

        public Version getVersion()
      • setVersion

        public void setVersion​(Version version)
      • isLimitedMetadata

        public boolean isLimitedMetadata()
      • setLimitedMetadata

        public void setLimitedMetadata​(boolean limitedMetadata)