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FetchQuery, FindDocumentsForMultiplePatientsQuery, FindDocumentsQuery, SubscriptionForDocumentEntryQuery, SubscriptionForPatientIndependentDocumentEntryQuery

public abstract class DocumentsQuery extends StoredQuery
Abstract stored query for documents.
Jens Riemschneider
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  • Constructor Details

    • DocumentsQuery

      protected DocumentsQuery()
      For JAXB only.
    • DocumentsQuery

      protected DocumentsQuery(QueryType type)
  • Method Details

    • setTypedAuthorPersons

      public void setTypedAuthorPersons(List<Person> authorPersons)
      Allows to use a collection of Person instead of a collection of String for specifying the query parameter "$XDSDocumentEntryAuthorPerson".
      authorPersons - a collection of Person objects.
    • getTypedAuthorPersons

      public List<Person> getTypedAuthorPersons()
      Tries to return the query parameter "$XDSDocumentEntryAuthorPerson" as a collection of Person instead of a collection of String. This may fail if SQL LIKE wildcards ("%", "_", etc.) are used in one or more elements.
      a collection of Person objects.
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object o)
      equals in class StoredQuery
    • canEqual

      protected boolean canEqual(Object other)
      canEqual in class StoredQuery
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class StoredQuery
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class StoredQuery
    • getTypeCodes

      public List<Code> getTypeCodes()
    • setTypeCodes

      public void setTypeCodes(List<Code> typeCodes)
    • getClassCodes

      public List<Code> getClassCodes()
    • setClassCodes

      public void setClassCodes(List<Code> classCodes)
    • getPracticeSettingCodes

      public List<Code> getPracticeSettingCodes()
    • setPracticeSettingCodes

      public void setPracticeSettingCodes(List<Code> practiceSettingCodes)
    • getHealthcareFacilityTypeCodes

      public List<Code> getHealthcareFacilityTypeCodes()
    • setHealthcareFacilityTypeCodes

      public void setHealthcareFacilityTypeCodes(List<Code> healthcareFacilityTypeCodes)
    • getEventCodes

      public QueryList<Code> getEventCodes()
    • setEventCodes

      public void setEventCodes(QueryList<Code> eventCodes)
    • getConfidentialityCodes

      public QueryList<Code> getConfidentialityCodes()
    • setConfidentialityCodes

      public void setConfidentialityCodes(QueryList<Code> confidentialityCodes)
    • getFormatCodes

      public List<Code> getFormatCodes()
    • setFormatCodes

      public void setFormatCodes(List<Code> formatCodes)
    • getAuthorPersons

      public List<String> getAuthorPersons()
    • setAuthorPersons

      public void setAuthorPersons(List<String> authorPersons)
    • getCreationTime

      public TimeRange getCreationTime()
    • getServiceStartTime

      public TimeRange getServiceStartTime()
    • getServiceStopTime

      public TimeRange getServiceStopTime()