Type Parameters:
T - The type contained in the list.
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class QueryList<T> extends Object implements Serializable
Represents a list of query parameters.

The list allows AND and OR semantics via two levels of lists. The inner lists of parameters have OR semantics. The outer list contains the inner lists and uses AND semantics. E.g. the query list (a, b), (c, d) contains two inner lists and the parameters are evaluated (a OR b) AND (c OR d).

Jens Riemschneider
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  • Constructor Details

    • QueryList

      public QueryList()
      Constructs a query list.
    • QueryList

      public QueryList(QueryList<T> other)
      Constructs a query list using another list.

      This constructor does not clone the objects in the list.

      other - the other list.
    • QueryList

      public QueryList(T singleElement)
      Constructs a query list.
      singleElement - the only initial element in the list.
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