Class QueryResponse

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    public class QueryResponse
    extends Response
    implements Serializable
    Contains the response data for a query. Lists are pre-created and can therefore never be null.
    Jens Riemschneider
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryResponse

        public QueryResponse()
        Constructs the response.
      • QueryResponse

        public QueryResponse​(Status status)
        Constructs the response.
        status - the status of the request execution.
      • QueryResponse

        public QueryResponse​(Throwable throwable,
                             ErrorCode defaultMetaDataError,
                             ErrorCode defaultError,
                             String location)
        Constructs an error response object with the data from an exception.
        throwable - the exception that occurred.
        defaultMetaDataError - the default error code for XDSMetaDataException.
        defaultError - the default error code for any other exception.
        location - error location.