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Version Date Description
3.2.0 TBD IPF 3.2.0

Release 3.2.0 – TBD

Type Changes By
Early support for the IHE HPD profile. Fixes 145. unixoid
Fix invalid HL7v2 DSL in Iti9AuditStrategyUtils. Thanks to Seunghun Jun for reporting. Fixes 144. ohr
Made SOAP payload collection compatible with WS-Security. Thanks to Remco Overdevest for reporting (in #142). Fixes 143. unixoid
Allow to explicitly set HL7v2TransactionConfigurations for custom MllpComponents. Fixes 141. ohr
Added support for the XDR/XCDR option "Transmit Home Community Id" (CP-ITI-924/961). Fixes 140. unixoid
PdqResponseToPdqmResponseTranslator now treats PID-19 as ST instead of CX. Thanks to Seunghun Jun for reporting. Fixes 139. ohr
Fix multiplicity validation of XDS Stored Query parameters; some of them (e.g. entryUUID, classCode) are now only allowed once. Fixes 137. Thanks to Joerg Rueckert. unixoid
PDQv3 to v2 translation supports multiple ID and Name search parameters. Fixes 136. ohr
XDS Telecom metadata class now accepts Long values as telephone numbers. Fixes 134. ohr
Convenience method for create HL7v2-based IHE transaction requests. Fixes 133. ohr
CXF features have not been initialized for Web Service clients. Fixes 132. ohr
Allow using Camel SSLContextParameters in IPF endpoint URIs to configure TLS. Fixes 130. ohr
Disabled PHMR rule without assertion. Fixes 129. Thanks to Jens Kristian Villadsen. ohr
Added some convenience methods for validating UUIDs. Fixes 128. Thanks to Tastelezz. ohr
Refactored IHE business logic to outside the ipf-platform-camel modules. Fixes 123. ohr
Moved OpenSAML dependencies to the new module ipf-commons-ihe-xua. Fixes 122. unixoid
Improved performance issue on simplified XDS model. Fixes 121. Thanks to Thomas Papke. unixoid
Added importable POM in ipf-dependency module containing dependency management for all major libraries including IPF itself. Fixes 120. ohr
IHE ITI Ballot 34: implemented CP-ITI-767 and CP-ITI-914. Fixes 119. unixoid
Added possibility to use ReferenceId domain objects for FindDocumentsByReferenceIdQuery. Fixes 117. Thanks to Thomas Papke. unixoid
Added support for Spring Boot. Fixes 115. ohr
Fix usage of QAK-5 and QAK-6 on interactive continuations. Fixes 114. stanojevic-boris
Fix typo in DICOM ATNA schema (ParticipantObjectSensistity, changed to ParticipantObjectSensitivity). Fixes 113. Thanks to Thomas Papke. unixoid
IHE ITI Ballot 34: implemented CP-ITI-582 and CP-ITI-889. Fixes 112. unixoid
Specify port name in each @WebService annotation, avoiding warnings like "Could not find endpoint/port for ...". Fixes 110. Thanks to Thomas Papke. unixoid
Added support for IHE MHD transactions (ITI-65 through ITI-68). Fixes 109. ohr
Added paging support to FHIR transactions by providing IBundleProviders that retrieve resources either eagerly or lazily. Fixes 108. ohr

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Version: 3.2-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2017-03-09.

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