As of version 3.2, IPF requires Java 8 for both compile time and runtime. IPF does not yet support Java 9.

IPF builds using Maven 3.5.x. IPF is available over Maven Central, so no custom repositories need to be added to the settings.xml configuration file.

Before building, adjust MAVEN_OPTS to assign Maven more heap space.

    set MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx1024m
    mvn clean install


In order to generate the site documentation, Java stubs from Groovy and Lombok sources must be generated for proper Javadoc creation during the site phase.

    set MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx1024m
    mvn -Pgenerate-stubs generate-sources 
    mvn site (-DskipTests)
    mvn site:stage


IPF uses git for source code management. The IPF git repository is located at

Additionally, there are the following support projects:

  • ipf-gazelle, which provides conformance profiles for HL7v2 based IHE transactions. It may be released independently and is located at
  • ipf-oht-atna, which provides infrastructure for IHE audit trails and node authentication via TLS. It may be released independently and is located at NOTE: ipf-oht-atna libraries have been deprecated, and IPF has removed all dependencies targeting at ipf-oht-atna.

Continuous Integration

IPF is built on Travis. Snapshot artifacts are uploaded to the Sonatype snapshot repository.

Issue Tracking

Issue tracking is done in github. For current issues check


IPF depends on Maven, Groovy and Lombok. Depending on the choice of your IDE, you may need to install corresponding plugins.

Module Dependencies

The following figure gives an overview of the IPF modules, their dependencies and their names. The modules of the IHE subpackages are shown in the figure below.

The module names match the jar file names in the Maven repository.


The next figure shows the IPF eHealth modules. The Camel-independent modules are contained in the ipf.commons.ihe package, Camel-specific eHealth integration modules are contained in the ipf.platform-camel.ihe package. These modules can be used to implement actor interfaces of standard IHE and Continua transactions, as well for implementation of project-specific ones. For list of currently supported IHE transactions visit the eHealth support pages.

IHE Dependencies

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