Container project for Apache Camel support

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
ipf-platform-camel-core Apache Camel extensions
ipf-platform-camel-core-legacy This module is retained for backwards-compatibility only. It contains Camel DSL extensions from earlier IPF versions that have been either reimplemented by the camel-groovy component or clashes with EIP methods that were added by recent Camel versions.
ipf-platform-camel-flow Flow Management extensions for Apache Camel
ipf-platform-camel-ihe Generic IHE extensions for Apache Camel
ipf-platform-camel-hl7 HL7 extensions for Apache Camel
ipf-platform-camel-cda CDA support fro Apache Camel
ipf-platform-camel-mdht MDHT support for Apache Camel

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