IPF provides the possibility to access protocol (HTTP and SOAP) headers of incoming Web Service messages and to insert additional protocol headers into outgoing messages.

Accessing protocol headers of incoming messages

From within the route, headers of the current incoming Web Service message can be accessed as Camel message headers:

Protocol Camel header name Type
HTTP AbstractWsEndpoint#INCOMING_HTTP_HEADERS Map<String, String> with keys corresponding to header names
SOAP AbstractWsEndpoint#INCOMING_SOAP_HEADERS Map<QName, org.apache.cxf.headers.Header> with keys corresponding to header names

Setting additional protocol headers of outgoing messages

To add custom HTTP and/or SOAP headers to an outgoing message, a corresponding data structure must be made available through corresponding Camel message header:

Protocol Camel header name Type
HTTP AbstractWsEndpoint#OUTGOING_HTTP_HEADERS Map<String, String> with keys corresponding to header names
SOAP AbstractWsEndpoint#OUTGOING_SOAP_HEADERS Collection<org.apache.cxf.headers.Header> or Map<QName, org.apache.cxf.headers.Header> (keys will be ignored)

Example of configuring a simple custom SOAP header with plain text content

    import static AbstractWsEndpoint.*

    .process {
        def headerName = new QName('urn:ihe:iti:ihe:2007', 'CustomXdsHeader')
        def header = new Header(headerName, "simple contents", new JAXBDataBinding(String.class))
        if (! it.in.headers.containsKey(OUTGOING_SOAP_HEADERS)) {
            it.in.headers[OUTGOING_SOAP_HEADERS] = []
        it.in.headers[OUTGOING_SOAP_HEADERS] << header

Example of configuring custom HTTP headers

    import static AbstractWsEndpoint.*

    .process {
       def myRequestHeader = it.in.headers[INCOMING_HTTP_HEADERS]['MyRequestHeader']
       if (! it.in.headers.containsKey(OUTGOING_HTTP_HEADERS)) {
           it.in.headers[OUTGOING_HTTP_HEADERS] = [:]
       it.in.headers[OUTGOING_HTTP_HEADERS]['SAMLToken'] = '...'
       it.in.headers[OUTGOING_HTTP_HEADERS]['MyResponseHeader'] = 'Re: ' + myRequestHeader

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