Class TransactionConfiguration<T extends AuditDataset>

    • Constructor Detail

      • TransactionConfiguration

        public TransactionConfiguration​(@NonNull
                                        @NonNull String name,
                                        @NonNull String description,
                                        boolean isQuery,
                                        AuditStrategy<T> clientAuditStrategy,
                                        AuditStrategy<T> serverAuditStrategy)
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public @NonNull String getName()
        name of the transaction
      • getDescription

        public @NonNull String getDescription()
        description of the transaction
      • isQuery

        public boolean isQuery()
        true if this transaction describes a query, false otherwise
      • getClientAuditStrategy

        public AuditStrategy<T> getClientAuditStrategy()
        AuditStrategy to be used on client side to accomplish ATNA audit
      • getServerAuditStrategy

        public AuditStrategy<T> getServerAuditStrategy()
        AuditStrategy to be used on server side to accomplish ATNA audit