Class Hl7v3WsTransactionConfiguration

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public class Hl7v3WsTransactionConfiguration extends WsTransactionConfiguration<Hl7v3AuditDataset>
Dmytro Rud
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    • Hl7v3WsTransactionConfiguration

      public Hl7v3WsTransactionConfiguration(String name, String description, boolean isQuery, AuditStrategy<Hl7v3AuditDataset> clientAuditStrategy, AuditStrategy<Hl7v3AuditDataset> serverAuditStrategy, QName serviceName, Class<?> sei, QName bindingName, boolean mtom, String wsdlLocation, String nakRootElementName, String controlActProcessCode, boolean auditRequestPayload, boolean supportAsynchrony, CombinedXmlValidationProfile requestValidationProfile, CombinedXmlValidationProfile responseValidationProfile, boolean includeQuantities)
      Constructs the transaction configuration.
      name - name of the transaction.
      description - human-readable description of the transaction.
      isQuery - true if this transaction describes a query, false otherwise.
      clientAuditStrategy - AuditStrategy to be used on client side to accomplish ATNA audit.
      serverAuditStrategy - AuditStrategy to be used on server side to accomplish ATNA audit.
      serviceName - the qualified name of the service.
      sei - service endpoint interface.
      bindingName - the qualified name of the binding to use.
      mtom - true if this service requires MTOM.
      wsdlLocation - the location of the WSDL of this webservice.
      nakRootElementName - root element name of automatically generated NAKs.
      controlActProcessCode - when not null, the &lt;controlActProcess&gt; element with the given code ID will be created in the NAK.
      auditRequestPayload - whether request payload is needed for ATNA audit.
      supportAsynchrony - whether producers can request asynchronous responses via WSA.
      includeQuantities - whether the elements resultTotalQuantity, resultCurrentQuantity, resultRemainingQuantity will be included into the NAK.
  • Method Details

    • getNakRootElementName

      public String getNakRootElementName()
    • getControlActProcessCode

      public String getControlActProcessCode()
    • getRequestValidationProfile

      public CombinedXmlValidationProfile getRequestValidationProfile()
    • getResponseValidationProfile

      public CombinedXmlValidationProfile getResponseValidationProfile()
    • isIncludeQuantities

      public boolean isIncludeQuantities()