Class JaxWsServiceFactory<AuditDatasetType extends WsAuditDataset>

    • Constructor Detail

      • JaxWsServiceFactory

        public JaxWsServiceFactory​(WsTransactionConfiguration<AuditDatasetType> wsTransactionConfiguration,
                                   String serviceAddress,
                                   AuditStrategy<AuditDatasetType> auditStrategy,
                                   AuditContext auditContext,
                                   InterceptorProvider customInterceptors,
                                   WsRejectionHandlingStrategy rejectionHandlingStrategy)
        Constructs the factory.
        wsTransactionConfiguration - the info about the service to produce.
        serviceAddress - the address of the service that it should be published with.
        auditStrategy - server-side ATNA audit strategy.
        customInterceptors - user-defined custom CXF interceptors.
        rejectionHandlingStrategy - user-defined rejection handling strategy.
    • Method Detail

      • createServerFactory

        public ServerFactoryBean createServerFactory​(Class<?> serviceImplClass)
        Creates and configures a server factory. Use the server factory to create a server instance that can be used to start and stop the service.
        serviceImplClass - the type of the service implementation.
        the server factory.
      • configureInterceptors

        protected void configureInterceptors​(ServerFactoryBean svrFactory)
        Called to configure any interceptors of the service.
        svrFactory - the server factory.