Spring Boot is a framework to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based applications very easily thanks to its convention over configuration mechanism that allows Spring Boot to pre-configure applications in an opinionated way whenever possible. All of this auto-configuration is driven by the concept of starters and conditional annotations that Spring Boot provides.

A starter is basically a dependency descriptor that you can use in your application in order to add all the related dependencies involved in a technology with a minimal specification. Additionally a starter typically contain auto-configuration classes that instantiate a default set of Spring beans that implement the functionality of the starter module depending on corresponding configuration properties found e.g. on the classpath. All beans can be overridden in case the default is not sufficient.

IPF provide Spring Boot starter modules for bootstrapping basic IPF infrastructure such as mapping as well as for HL7- or IHE-related components. The IPF starter modules also depend on Camel Spring Boot, which sets up a configurable Camel infrastructure for your project. Dependencies on the IPF starter modules are established through regular Maven dependencies, e.g. for the IHE XDS starter:


Apart from ipf-spring-boot-starter, the available starter modules are:

Starter module Purpose
ipf-atna-spring-boot-starter set up ATNA infrastructure
ipf-hl7-spring-boot-starter for HL7v2/MLLP-based IHE transactions
ipf-hl7v3-spring-boot-starter for HL7v3/SOAP-based IHE transactions
ipf-xds-spring-boot-starter for XDS/SOAP-based IHE transactions
ipf-fhir-spring-boot-starter for FHIR/REST-based IHE transactions
ipf-hpd-spring-boot-starter for DSML/SOAP-based IHE transactions

These IPF starter modules transitively depend on ipf-spring-boot-starter, so there is no need to explicitly depend on this module.

ipf-spring-boot-starter auto-configures org.openehealth.ipf.commons.spring.map.SpringBidiMappingService and provides Spring beans for picking up any org.openehealth.ipf.commons.map.config.CustomMappings. See here for details. If further sets up a org.openehealth.ipf.commons.core.config.SpringRegistry.

In addition, if the properties server.ssl.enabled and ipf.commons.reuse-ssl-config are set to true, a bean of type org.apache.camel.util.jsse.SslContextParameters with name bootSslContextParameters is provided so you can reuse the Spring Boot security configuration for FHIR, MLLP and Web Service IHE transaction endpoints supported by IPF.

ipf-spring-boot-starter provides the following application properties:

Property (ipf.commons.) Default Description
reuse-ssl-config false Whether to set up a bootSslContextParameters bean derived from Spring Boot SSL settings

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