Spring Boot FHIR support

ipf-fhir-spring-boot-starter sets up the infrastructure for FHIR-based IHE transactions

The dependency on the IPF Spring Boot IHE FHIR starter module is for FHIR STU3:


and for FHIR R4:


Both ipf-fhir-spring-boot-starter modules auto-configure by default:

You can define your own beans of this type in order to override the defaults.

The modules define a mandatory instance of ca.uhn.fhir.context.FhirContext in the correct FHIR version, the bean name is fhirContext. The instance can, however, be customized by providing a FhirContextCustomizer bean:

    public FhirContextCustomizer fhirContextCustomizer() {
        return new FhirContextCustomizer() {
            public void customizeFhirContext(FhirContext fhirContext) {
                // configure FhirContext here

Furthermore, if a single org.springframework.cache.CacheManager bean is available and the application property ipf.fhir.caching is set to true, the following caching storage beans are set up:

ipf-fhir-spring-boot-starter modules do not transitively depend on the respective Camel-dependent IHE FHIR modules as these have been split into support for IHE MHD, PIXm/PDQm, QEDm and RESTful ATNA, respectively. So, e.g. in order to provide STU3 MHD endpoints, you have to include


into your project descriptor.

ipf-fhir-spring-boot-starter modules provides the following application properties:

Property (ipf.fhir.) Default Description
caching false Whether to set up a cache for paging
path /fhir Path that serves as the base URI for the FHIR services
fhir-version (depends on module) FHIR Version
identifier-naming-systems   Resource containing a bundle of FHIR NamingSystem resources used for mapping from FHIR URIs to OIDs and namespaces
servlet.init   init parameters for the FHIR servlet
servlet.load-on-startup 1 Load on startup priority of the FHIR servlet
servlet.name FhirServlet Name of the FHIR servlet
servlet.paging-requests 50 Number of concurrent paging requests that can be handled
servlet.default-page-size 50 Default number of result entries to be returned if no _count parameter is specified in a search
servlet.max-page-size 100 Maximum number of result entries to be returned even if the _count parameter of a search demands for more
servlet.distributed-paging-provider false Whether the Paging Provider cache is expected to be distributed, so that serialization of result bundles is necessary. In this case, FHIR endpoints must not use lazy-loading of results.
servlet.logging false Whether server-side request logging is enabled
servlet.pretty-print true Whether pretty-printing responses is enabled
servlet.response-highlighting true Whether color-coding responses queried from a Web Browser is enabled
servlet.strict false Whether FHIR resource parsing is strict

See ipf-spring-boot-starter and ipf-atna-spring-boot-starter for additional properties.

The starter module does not set up a Camel servlet for serving MHD ITI-68 (Retrieve Document) transactions. Camel provides a Spring boot starter module for this:


camel-servlet-starter provides the following application properties:

Property (camel.component.servlet.mapping.) Default Description
enabled true Enables the automatic mapping of the servlet component into the Spring web context
contextPath /camel/* Context path used by the servlet component for automatic mapping
servletName CamelServlet The name of the Camel servlet