HPD based transactions

IPF adds support for HPD-based profiles (Health Care Provider Directory) by providing Camel components (hiding the implementation details on transport level).

The following IHE transactions for HPD are currently supported:

Transaction Profile Description IPF Component IPF Module
ITI-58 HPD Provider Information Query hpd-iti58 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hpd
ITI-59 HPD Provider Information Feed hpd-iti59 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hpd
CH-PIDD CH:HPD Provider Information Delta Download ch-pidd ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hpd
CH-CIQ CH:CPI Community Information Query ch-ciq ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hpd
CH-CIDD CH:CPI Community Information Delta Download ch-cidd ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hpd

Spring Boot There is a Spring Boot starter for HPD-based IHE transactions.