HL7v3 based transactions

IPF adds support for a subset of HL7v3-based profiles by providing Camel components (hiding the implementation details on transport level) and translators between the Hl7 v3 and HL7 v2 message models.

The following IHE transactions for HL7v3 are currently supported:

Transaction Profile Description IPF Component IPF Module
ITI-44 PIXv3 Patient Identity Feed v3 pixv3-iti44 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hl7v3
ITI-44 XDS Patient Identity Feed v3 xds-iti44 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hl7v3
ITI-45 PIXv3 PIX Query v3 pixv3-iti45 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hl7v3
ITI-46 PIXv3 PIX Update Notification v3 pixv3-iti46 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hl7v3
ITI-47 PDQv3 Patient Demographics Query (PDQ) v3 pdqv3-iti47 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hl7v3
ITI-55 XCPD Cross-Gateway Patient Discovery xcpd-iti55 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hl7v3
ITI-56 XCPD Cross-Gateway Patient Location Query xcpd-iti56 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hl7v3
PCC-1 QED Query for Existing Data qed-pcc1 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-hl7v3

Spring Boot There is a Spring Boot starter for HL7v3-based IHE transactions.