HL7v2 based transactions

IPF adds support for a subset of HL7v2-based profiles by providing Camel components (hiding the implementation details on transport level).

The following IHE transactions for HL7v2 are currently supported:

Transaction Profile Description IPF Component IPF Module
ITI-8 PIX Patient Identity Feed pix-iti8 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp
ITI-8 XDS Patient Identity Feed xds-iti8 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp
ITI-9 PIX PIX Query pix-iti9 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp
ITI-10 PIX PIX Update Notfication pix-iti10 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp
ITI-21 PDQ Patient Demographics Query pdq-iti21 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp
ITI-22 PDQ Patient Demographics and Visit Query pdq-iti22 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp
ITI-30 PAM Patient Identity Management pam-iti30 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp
ITI-31 PAM Patient Encounter Management pam-iti31 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp
ITI-64 XPID Notify XAD-PID Link Change xpid-iti64 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-mllp

Spring Boot There is a Spring Boot starter for HL7v2-based IHE transactions.