FHIR based transactions

FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (hl7.org/fhir) – is a next generation standards framework created by HL7, combining the best features of HL7v2, HL7v3, and CDA while leveraging the latest web standards and applying a tight focus on implementability.

IPF adds support for a subset of these profiles by providing Camel components (hiding the implementation details on transport level) and translators, e.g. between the FHIR and HL7 v2 message models.

While the FHIR transactions in IHE ITI revision 13 (2016/2017) was based on FHIR DSTU2, the transactions have been migrated to STU3 as of IHE ITI revision 14 (2017/2018) and further to R4 as of IHE ITI revision 16 (2019/2020). Note that all FHIR transactions are still in trial implementation state.

The following IHE transactions for FHIR are currently supported:

Transaction Profile Description IPF Component IPF Module
ITI-65 MHD Provide Document Bundle mhd-iti65 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-fhir-r4-mhd
ITI-66 MHD Find Document Manifests mhd-iti66 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-fhir-r4-mhd
ITI-67 MHD Find Document References mhd-iti67 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-fhir-r4-mhd
ITI-68 MHD Retrieve Document mhd-iti68 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-fhir-r4-mhd
ITI-78 PDQm Patient Demographics Query for Mobile pdqm-iti78 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-fhir-r4-pixpdq
ITI-81 ATNA Retrieve ATNA Audit Event atna-iti81 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-fhir-r4-audit
ITI-83 PIXm Patient Identifier Cross-reference for Mobile pixm-iti83 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-fhir-r4-pixpdq
PCC-44 QEDm Mobile Query Existing Data qedm-pcc44 ipf-platform-camel-ihe-fhir-r4-qedm
custom FHIR Based n/a Accept requests for custom FHIR-based transactions fhir ipf-platform-camel-ihe-fhir-core