ch-ppq3 component

The ch-ppq3 component provides interfaces for actors of the Mobile Privacy Policy Feed IHE transaction (CH-PPQ-3), which is described in the Swiss national EPR FHIR implementation guide


The transaction defines the following actors:

PPQ-3 actors
PPQ-3 transaction and actors

Producer side corresponds to the Policy Source actor. Consumer side corresponds to the Policy Repository actor.


In a Maven-based environment, the following dependency must be registered in pom.xml:


Endpoint URI Format


The endpoint URI format of ch-ppq3 component producers is:


where hostname is either an IP address or a domain name, port is a number, and path/to/service represents additional path elements of the remote service.


The endpoint URI format of ch-ppq3 component consumers is:


The resulting URL of the exposed FHIR REST Service endpoint depends on the configuration of the deployment container. Consider a Tomcat container on host is configured in the following way:

port = 8888
contextPath = /IHE
servletPath = /fhir/*

Then the ch-ppq3 consumer will be available for external clients under the URL

URI parameters controlling the transaction features are described below.


This is an example on how to use the component on the consumer side:

      // process the incoming request and create a response

Translation between CH:PPQm and CH:PPQ messages

IPF comes with translators to translate PPQ-3 requests into PPQ-1 requests and vice versa for the responses.

Basic Common Component Features

FHIR Component Features