pixm-iti83 component

The pixm-iti83 component provides interfaces for actors of the Patient Identifier Cross-reference for Mobile IHE transaction (ITI-83), which is described in the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Supplement, Patient Identifier Cross-reference for Mobile (PIXm), Section 3.83.


The transaction defines the following actors:

ITI-83 actors
ITI-83 transaction and actors

Producer side corresponds to the Patient Identifier Cross-Reference Consumer actor. Consumer side corresponds to both Patient Identifier Cross-Reference Manager actor.


In a Maven-based environment, the following dependency must be registered in pom.xml:


Endpoint URI Format


The endpoint URI format of pixm-iti83 component producers is:


where hostname is either an IP address or a domain name, port is a number, and path/to/service represents additional path elements of the remote service.


The endpoint URI format of pixm-iti83 component consumers is:


The resulting URL of the exposed FHIR REST Service endpoint depends on the configuration of the deployment container. Consider a Tomcat container on host eHealth.server.org is configured in the following way:

port = 8888
contextPath = /IHE
servletPath = /fhir/*

Then the pixm-iti83 consumer will be available for external clients under the URL http://eHealth.server.org:8888/IHE/fhir.

URI parameters controlling the transaction features are described below.


This is an example on how to use the component on the consumer side:

      // process the incoming request and create a response

Translation into PIX

IPF comes with translators to translate ITI-83 requests into ITI-9 requests and vice versa for the responses.

Basic Common Component Features

FHIR Component Features