Deploying custom CXF interceptors in Web Service-based IHE components

IPF provides the possibility to deploy user-defined custom CXF interceptors when initializing Web Service-based IHE endpoints.

Simply add comma-separated lists of references to Interceptor beans to the following endpoint parameters.


Parameter name Description
inInterceptors Interceptors for incoming SOAP messages
inFaultInterceptors Interceptors for incoming fault SOAP messages
outInterceptors Interceptors for outgoing SOAP messages
outFaultInterceptors Interceptors for outgoing fault SOAP messages


Given the following interceptor beans:

    <bean id="securityInterceptor" class="mypackage.CerberosInterceptor">

    <bean id="accountingInterceptor" class="theirpackage.ScroogeInterceptor">

    <bean id="renderingInterceptor" class="ourpackage.PicassoInterceptor">

The interceptors can now be referenced in a Web Service-based IHE endpoint:

    .to("pdqv3-iti47://" +
        "?inInterceptors=#accountingInterceptor, #securityInterceptor" +
        "&outInterceptors=#renderingInterceptor, #securityInterceptor");