Camel DSL Extensions for MDHT

Working with MDHT is explained in the MDHT support section.

However, MDHT ClinicalDocument objects are also transferred through Camel routes, and at times it is convenient to have access to these APIs directly in Camel’s routing DSL, e.g. to generate an acknowledge that shall be returned to the client.


The following dependency must be registered in pom.xml:

    <!-- IPF MDHT extensions and DSL -->

IPF Extensions for MDHT support

Data Format

MDHT documents can be parsed and rendered using a MDHT-specific Camel DataFormat, so you can use the unmarshal and marshal functions provided by the Camel DSL. For an example see below.


MDHT documents can be validated in routes with the verify().mdht() extension.

The Camel predicate can be used for filters or validators, however, by design it just returns true or false, and the resulting PredicateValidationException gives no details whatsoever about the details, i.e. why the MDHT validation has failed and the location of the failure in the document.

In contrast, the IPF validator throws a ValidationException containing all the details about the validation failure that was provided by the MDHT support validator classes.