IPF 3.7 Migration Guide

IPF 3.7 comes with some changes that must be considered when upgrading from IPF 3.6.

Package Changes

  • Classes depending on Spring Caching were moved out of the Spring Boot submodules and so changed their class names and packages to:
    • org.openehealth.ipf.commons.ihe.fhir.SpringCachePagingProvider
    • org.openehealth.ipf.commons.ihe.hl7v2.storage.SpringCacheUnsolicitedFragmentationStorage
    • org.openehealth.ipf.commons.ihe.hl7v2.storage.SpringCacheInteractiveContinuationStorage
    • org.openehealth.ipf.commons.ihe.hl7v3.storage.SpringCacheHl7v3ContinuationStorage
    • org.openehealth.ipf.commons.ihe.hl7v3.storage.SpringCacheHl7v3ContinuationStorage
    • org.openehealth.ipf.commons.ihe.ws.correlation.SpringCacheAsynchronyCorrelator

Spring Boot Updates

  • ipf-atna-spring-boot-starter does not depend on ipf-spring-boot-starter anymore. This makes it usable in scenarios where no other IPF modules are used and does not drag in 3rd party dependencies like Apache Camel or Groovy anymore.

Other notable changes

  • Hl7v3NakFactory does not return quantity attributes for XCPD error responses
  • FHIR R4 profiles have been updated to the recent IHE specification