xdsi-rad69 component

The xdsi-rad69 component provides interfaces for actors of the Retrieve Imaging Document Set IHE transaction (RAD-69), which is described in the IHE Radiology (RAD) Technical Framework, Vol. 3, Section 4.69.


The transaction defines the following actors:

RAD-69 actors
RAD-69 transaction and actors

Producer side corresponds to the Imaging Document Consumer actor. Consumer side corresponds to the Imaging Document Source actor.


In a Maven-based environment, the following dependency must be registered in pom.xml:


Endpoint URI Format


The endpoint URI format of the xdsi-rad69 component producers is:


where hostname is either an IP address or a domain name, port is a port number, and path/to/service represents additional path elements of the remote service. URI parameters are optional and control special features as described in the corresponding section below.


The endpoint URI format of xdsi-rad69 component consumers is:


The resulting URL of the exposed IHE Web Service endpoint depends on both the configuration of the deployment container and the serviceName parameter provided in the Camel endpoint URI.

For example, when a Tomcat container on the host eHealth.server.org is configured in the following way:

port = 8888
contextPath = /IHE
servletPath = /xdsi/*

and serviceName equals to rad69, then the xdsi-rad69 consumer will be available for external clients under the URL http://eHealth.server.org:8888/IHE/xdsi/rad69

Additional URI parameters are optional and control special features as described in the corresponding section below.


This is an example on how to use the component on the consumer side:

      // process the incoming request and create a response

Remarks for this component

This transaction sends document content as part of its request or response messages. In practice such messages can become quite large. To allow for memory-efficient streaming of the document content, the aforementioned components rely on Apache CXF support for binary data.

CXF streams the content on disk and then provides a DataHandler to access the file. Furthermore, CXF offers some environment properties which can be used to configure this content caching.

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